The Sugarland Journey. My requirements are easy! The list that is unabridged.

The Sugarland Journey. My requirements are easy! The list that is unabridged.

Monday, August 23, 2010

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I cant sleep, so Im gonna lull myself back once again to sleep with sugar plums dancing in my own mind 😉 in terms of residing well, We do not think We request much (however, what woman ever believes she desires way too much!) Im detailing this by major objectives, ongoing objectives, and prefer to haves.

Significant Goals

  • Expenses & books – Im school that is just starting major in Biology and get into forensic technology.
  • Implants – Too harmful to dudes whom like au natural. I’d like dangerous curves!
  • very Own a condo – Ive lived both in a home and condo, and prefer condo living that is much. I would like all of the amenities in, restaurants and nitelife right outside my door, and a spot we can call personal.
  • $20k in cost cost savings – Peace of mind that Ill not be kept in a bind and certainly will care for things for awhile if the moment calls for this.
  • Regular plants – I like fresh cut plants, simply having a bouquet that is beautiful my table makes me feel amazing also it smells wonderful! I actually do it once per month roughly, nonetheless it could be lovely to awaken to flowers that are fresh.
  • Salon membership – I buy this back at my right that is own now but often i need to miss four weeks or more. I favor the spa up to a regular fitness center because i really like the atmosphere. Its calm and serene, the view and pool is gorgeous and every thing smells wonderful. Plus I’m able to always obtain therapeutic massage after my workout. Its like getting a couple of hours of getaway whenever i would like!
  • Salon remedies – Its therefore uncommon I have the therapeutic massage and facials I can, I do, but Id love to be able to do this at least once a month that I want (and need!) but when.
  • Mani/pedi – at this time we get once per month and maintain back at my in-between that is own Id much choose to have the ability to get at the least twice 30 days, or do polish modifications whenever Id like. Its not that high priced, however it does mount up.
  • Salon visits – i actually do my hair that is own right, but Id love to be capable of getting it skillfully styled and looked after.
  • Personal life spending cash – i enjoy venture out, but also for the most part restricted to happy hour or ladies nite because my budget just cant handle South Beach a high price! Yes if we check out a club theres usually a man that will select up the tab, but we’ve amazing restaurants here that Id want to head to, or even to you need to be able spending some time because of the girls and also a drink outside the club scene.
  • Macbook Pro – Im nevertheless in PC land and fed up with hearing everyone talk about exactly how much they love their Mac, i’d like my very own!
  • Redecorate my home – Both kiddo and I also need brand brand new bedroom accessories, and I also sooo want to manage to purchase some nice artwork and ornamental touches for approximately my entire house.
  • Shopping cash! – Im not just a fanatic about any of it, probably the most high priced footwear I possess are about $200. I do possess some major labels, Im not necessarily centered on that. Im happy so long as its well made and I also look great on it! Besides, absolutely nothing makes a day that is crappy like new garments and shoes..hah!
  • New bikes for both my child and I also – we have actually one actually crappy bicycle. It will be good to own a couple of top quality bikes and a bike rack in order for we could strike the tracks on a smooth trip however you like.
  • Sunday, August 22, 2010

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